About Us

Welcome to Vicky’s swim school website

I am very pleased to welcome you to this school, I have been established now since 1999. As a parent and swimmer myself I realise the importance of getting all children to learn to swim.

Every child can learn to swim and not all children learn at the same rate. That’s why we only have enthusiastic and qualified teachers onboard who have the ability to select and apply appropriate teaching methods which could be suitable for different age groups and abilities. We also believe that the initial swimming learning experiences are very important and that is why we have structured lessons with clear goals to teach even the basic swimming skills

Vicky’s swim school offers lessons to students with different swimming abilities and we group students based on their abilities and age groups.

We help the children to improve and develop their water skills to confidently swim all four strokes.

After learning to swim many of our children go on to become competitive swimmers at Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Clubs, where many have gone on to achieve success at district and national competitions.

Vickys swim school